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MOONIE Humming Bear Nightlight - Silver

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Meet the Moonie Humming Bear Nightlight in Silver colour.

These adorable humming bears from Moonie feature five different sounds, seven different light settings, and are also noise activated so when baby starts crying the light turns on with the hum to illuminate and soothe your little one. They are the most beautiful bestie for your baby or child giving a sense of security, and at the same time facilitating night feeding and changing.

  • Made in Poland.

The Moonie Humming Bears have different pink noise sounds to help baby feel calm and safe. These sounds are real recordings of natural pink noise!

  • The Moonie's soothing sounds filters out the surrounding sounds and ensures children a calm and peaceful sleep.
  • Moonie comes with an adjustable volume so you can choose the appropriate volume level to suit your child’s needs. Moonie also has calming lullaby especially curated for newborns.

Each Moonie the humming bear is also a night light that can shine in seven different colours.

  • Gentle light allows you to feed and change your baby without turning on a bright light.
  • When the baby starts crying, the lamp turns on with the hum, it illuminates and soothes the baby.
  • The LED lamp does not heat up, it is completely safe.
  • The lamp of the humming Moonie bear is also great for older children, who often have nightmares and are afraid of the dark. You can turn on the night lamp itself without sound and leave it on, for the whole night. 
  • The Moonie module has a built- in USB rechargeable battery which makes the Moonie convenient, economical and ecological.

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