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I’m Bailey. “Hiya” was one of my first words and I’m adding a couple more every day. I’ve just turned 2 now and I was conceived in Thailand (wink, wink), born in Hong Kong and have been living in London with my two South African born Parents (I’m an international bambina of mystery). My mummy, Susan, used to be a fashion buyer before I came along, and my daddy, Mike, has been an IT geek forever. When I joined the party, mummy quit her job and decided to go back to school and did her MBA in Italy on her mat leave. I helped by making sure mummy never fell asleep when she was supposed to be studying. Or any other time. Then mummy decided that it was IMPOSSIBLE to find me really cool, trendy, fashionable baby and now toddler clothes. After lots and lots of searching, she found some great stuff, but it wasn’t easy. So, she created Bambinista. Mummy has scoured the world for the most amazing trendy tot brands that won’t break the bank but get me to express my own unique style in my own special way and share it with you so that you can be a BAMBINSTA, just like me.

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