New adventures - Starting school

Starting a new school can be a thrilling adventure for your little one, but it's also natural for them to feel a tad nervous or uncertain. As a parent, there are a few things you can do to help them navigate these feelings and make the transition smoother. Let's break it down:

1. Dealing with nerves:
- Offer reassurance: Let your child know that it's perfectly normal to feel a bit nervous and that many children feel the same way when starting a new school. Provide words of encouragement and remind them of the exciting and enjoyable experiences that lie ahead.
- Discuss their new school: Share positive stories and information about their new school to build their excitement. Talk about the new friends they'll make and the fun activities they'll get to participate in.
- Practice relaxation techniques: Teach your child simple deep breathing exercises or encourage them to take a few deep breaths when they're feeling nervous. These techniques can help them calm their mind and body.

2. Learning to be without parents:
- Gradual separation: Help your child gradually adjust to being away from you by increasing the amount of time they spend apart from you. Start with short playdates or activities with other children and slowly extend the duration of separation.
- Stay connected: Reassure your child that you'll always be there for them, even when they're at school. Talk about how they can share their experiences with you when they come back home and plan special times to spend together after school.
- Talk about their teachers: Highlight the positive role their teachers will play in their new school. Emphasise that their teachers are there to support and take care of them during the day.

3. Making new friends:
- Encourage socialisation: Encourage your child to interact with other children by arranging playdates or organising group activities. Socialising in a familiar environment can boost their confidence.
- Teach kindness and sharing: Discuss the importance of being kind, sharing, and taking turns with your child. Encourage them to make new friends by showing empathy and being inclusive.
- Read books about friendship: Read age-appropriate books about making friends and the value of friendship. These stories can help your child understand the concept of friendship and feel more comfortable reaching out to others.

Remember, starting a new school is a significant step for your little one, and they may need your support and encouragement along the way. By offering reassurance, gradually easing separation, and providing opportunities for socialisation, you can help them adjust to their new environment, make new friends, and embrace this exciting new chapter in their lives.