Y Velo Flippa 4 in 1 Balance Bike To Trike - Green


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Best of both worlds

 Simply ‘twist and flip’ to transform this mega trike into a two wheeled balance bike in seconds! Just take off the pedals and they’re ready to go. The Y Velo Flippa is one of the most versatile bikes out there for preparing kids for life on two wheels!

Parents, listen up

The Y Velo Flippa keeps up with your child! We designed a 4 in 1 bike that changes alongside your child’s development. This allows them to cruise around on the stability of a three wheels before finding their feet on a two wheeled balance bike.

So, they now have the chance to learn the basic skills they need to ride a bicycle before switching to two wheels and mastering the art of balance. By practicing in stages they can learn much quicker and will be ready for pedal bikes in no time!

Main Features

  •  4in 1 push trike to trike and balance bike
  • ‘Twist and Flip’ feature converts to two wheels
  • Adjustable height parental steering push bar
  • Removable pedals
  • Height adjustable padded seat


AGE: +2 years

SIZE (L X W X H): 29.9 x 20 x 23 inches

WEIGHT: 11 lbs

MIN HEIGHT: 14 inches

MAX HEIGHT: 16 inches