Pouffe Giant Panda



Please note this product ships from the supplier in Poland, please see delivery times below

This bini has a giant panda on one side, plain on the other side and a blue handle.

BINI is a comfortable pouffe designed for sitting, lying and playing.

It is made from organic cotton, pleasant to the touch.

The printing is done with ecological water paints.

The granulate stuffing fits perfectly to the body, it is contained in an extra internal bag.

Fabric: 100% Organic Cotton



EU Countries: 4-5 Working Days

What material do we make Binis from?

We sew the Binis from natural unsanortised shrunken cotton, which means that our cotton won’t shrink in the wash and is silicon-free.

What is the pouffe stuffed with?

The pouffe is filled with styrofoam granules, which are contained in an extra polyester inner bag. The inner bag protects the stuffing. 

Can the pouffe be machine washed?

Yes, Binis can be machine washed. The outer part of the pouffe is attached with a zip concealed on the bottom, and can be easily removed and put in the washing machine.

At what temperature should I wash my Bini?

We recommend 20 degrees.