Magformers Stick-O Cooking Set 16-Piece


The beautiful Stick-O Cooking Set contains chunky magnetic pieces in a lovely baking and cooking theme.

In all there are 16 different shapes so young children can play at making food and using cooking utensils from a frying pan to a fork. It even contains a magnetic eggshell in two parts (so it doubles as cream, ice-cream or icing depending on what your child is cooking up). And there's a donut!

Stick-O is the pre-school magnetic construction toy from Magformers. Magnetic sticks, balls and other shapes are easy to hold thanks to their large size and grippy design and encourage younger children to develop motor skills through construction play.

Just like Magformers, the magnets safely sealed in every piece rotate, so poles always connect, making model-building frustration-free for little hands. Stick-O is fun, educational and creative.

    Ages 18M+