Bambinista-CYBEX-Travel-CYBEX PALLAS G I-SIZE PLUS Car Seat - Beach Blue
Bambinista-CYBEX-Travel-CYBEX PALLAS G I-SIZE PLUS Car Seat - Beach Blue
Bambinista-CYBEX-Travel-CYBEX PALLAS G I-SIZE PLUS Car Seat - Beach Blue
Bambinista-CYBEX-Travel-CYBEX PALLAS G I-SIZE PLUS Car Seat - Beach Blue
Bambinista-CYBEX-Travel-CYBEX PALLAS G I-SIZE PLUS Car Seat - Beach Blue


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Meet the award-winning Pallas G i-Size forward-facing car seat. An advanced impact shield delivers even better safety by reducing the risk of neck injuries by 40%¹. Plus option equipped with innovative all-round air ventilation.


Safety That Grows with the Child

The Pallas G i-Size takes impact shield technology to the next level, making it even safer and easier to use, reducing the risk of neck injuries by 40%¹. For years, parents have trusted CYBEX Pallas car seats to keep their children safe, and the Pallas G i-Size is the latest generation of this award-winning series ? recognized as Best in Class by the ADAC & Stiftung Warentest in 2021.

It's a car seat that grows with your child, keeping them comfortable thanks to an innovative all-round air ventilation system and integrated 3D mesh which increases breathability by up to six times². The Pallas G i-Size: A car seat that has your back for over 10 years.

40% reduction in neck injuries¹

The award-winning advanced impact shield reduces the risk of neck injuries in a front crash, for protection that's far superior to a conventional harness. In a head-on collision, the child rolls forward over the impact shield which acts in a similar way to an airbag. Impact force is distributed across its large surface area, reducing the strain on the vulnerable neck and protecting the head.

Over 10 Years of Usability

A 2-in-1 seat that grows with your little one throughout their childhood, from toddler to pre-teen. Your child is protected by an impact shield until they weigh 21 kg. Then, the impact shield is removed and the seat is secured by the vehicle seatbelt, providing reliable protection until your child is 150 cm tall (approx. 12 years old).

Secures your Child in Seconds

The integrated adjustable impact shield secures your child quickly, easily and reliably. Incorrect securing is a leading cause of injury, and studies show that impact shields have a significantly lower error rate than harnesses³. A convenient buckle system means you don't have to lean over your child or struggle with seatbelts to get them secure. And, an adjustable fit allows plenty of room to grow.

Up to 7x Safer for the Head?

The patented reclining headrest helps prevent the child’s head from tipping forward while sleeping, keeping it contained in the safety zone of the car seat. This means it is better protected in the event of a side impact, seven times safer than if the head is slumped forwards. Three recline settings help you find your child’s perfect sleeping position.

Optimal Breathability

Thanks to the Plus option's innovative 3D mesh ? six times more breathable than comparable car seat fabrics ? air can circulate through the car seat's all-round air ventilation system. Keeping your child cool and calm, even on the hottest days.

20% Higher Side-Impact Protection

The Linear Side-impact Protection System Plus (L.S.P.) and energy absorbing shell reduce the force of a side-impact collision by more than 20% when compared to the same car seat without an L.S.P. System.

Perfect Sleeping Position

The one-hand seat recline keeps your child happy and comfortable onboard. Whatever their age, it’s easy to recline the seat so they can sleep soundly while you’re on the road.

Intuitive and Hassle-Free for Safe Installation

ISOFIX and top tether ensure that the car seat can be simply and securely installed, all made easier by the new ergonomically-shaped ISOFIX handle. ISOFIX helps you install the seat correctly while the top tether provides additional anchorage for increased safety and stability. Both feature visual indicators confirming that the car seat is installed and ready to go.


  • Age range: From >15 months up to 12 years
  • Length: 405 mm
  • Width: 595 mm
  • Height: 590 - 810 mm
  • Child weight: From approx. 9 up to 50 kg
  • Child height: 76 - 150 cm
  • Approval regulation: UN R129/03

Compatible with:

  • Car Seat Cup Holder
  • Summer Cover
  • ISOFIX Guides

What is included?

  • Pallas G i-Size car seat
  • Impact shield
  • User guide

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