Bambinista-BON TON TOYS--WWF Cub Club Pippin Puffin 23cm

BON TON TOYS WWF Cub Club Pippin Puffin 23cm

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Did you know a puffin only lays 1 or 2 eggs per nest? The lady puffin will dig a little tunnel in a mountain in which she creates a nest. Her egg will hatch after about 40 days. Who wouldn't want to cuddle this little lilac puffin? For every plush sold, a donation is made to your local WWF office to support their conservation efforts.

All WWF plush products are sustainable and therefore last a lifetime. They are manufactured according to the highest standards when it comes to sustainability (Der Blauer Engel) and are made with a 100% recycled PET bottle stuffing. Our suppliers are carefully selected and all meet the "ethical supply chain" (ICTI) status.

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