Bamboo Hooded Towel Pink

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This amazing Bamboo Towel with Hood is made of 100% terry bamboo fabric. It is exceptionally smooth, soft and pleasant to touch. Excellent absorbency is a feature that we especially expect from a towel, and bamboo towels absorb up to 60% more moisture than cotton and dry quickly.

It is antibacterial and protects against harmful UV rays. Bamboo has bacteriostatic properties - the plant produces substances that prevent  bacteria and fungi attaching to it, and fabrics made from bamboo still retain this property even with repeated use and washing. It also prevents the development of a bad smell - even when the towel is hung in a damp bathroom.

Antistatic fibres prevent dust particles from sticking to the towel so it is also suitable for small allergy sufferers. Thanks to the unique durability of the fabric, it can successfully serve for many years.

Size: 85cm x 85cm

Fabric: 100% viscose from bamboo