ANEX m/type Stroller - Ink


Anex m/type — is a stroller for those who are constantly in motion and like off-road strolls. It includes all qualities that a great stroller must have: a combination of eco-friendly materials and high technologies. Straight forward in control, easy in maintenance, and comfortable for a child.

The carrycot and the seat unit in the stroller are thought out so that all the travels of the child are safe, and the bad weather does not interfere with getting to know the world. We have achieved these characteristics thanks to the cotton that is inside the cradle, it does not contain harmful additives and does not cause allergies in children. The hood is covered with water-repellent impregnation and protected from ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, in the rain, the water from it just drains, and in the heat of harmful sunshine does not reach the child. An orthopedic mattress will help to shape the spine correctly. In the walking block, we made a comfortable backrest adjustment system; now mom can easily adjust her position. And the improved 3x-damper System will ensure smooth running of the stroller at all levels.

Five seat belts securely hold the baby in the stroller, but do not restrain him in his movements.

Wheels installed in a stroller with the Air Free system cannot be punctured, and they serve one and a half times longer than usual. And thanks to the Anti-wobble system, the wheels do not fidget when cornering. Therefore, the stroller is convenient to carry even with one hand. If you need to stop, the Comfy Stop pedal will help lock the stroller in place.

The frame in the new stroller folds with the seat unit and now takes up less space in the trunk.

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  • Frame
  • ?arrycot
  • Mattress
  • Seat Unit
  • Hood for Seat Unit
  • Hood for ?arrycot
  • Air Free Wheels
  • Rain Cover
  • Mosquito net
  • Foot ?over for ?arrycot
  • Foot Cover for Seat Unit
  • Frame Basket
  • *Car seat, Foot Cover for Car seat, Frame adapters (3 in 1)


  • Tech Specs. We provide each stroller with a range of safety systems and use materials that are compliant with all standards so that each baby feels comfortable and parents don't worry.
  • 3X Dumper suspension. The triple shock absorption system ensures an absolutely smooth stroll and maneuverability of the stroller.
  • X-lock. The stroller features an automatic protection system against accidental frame folding called X-Lock.
  • Front forks lock system. The front fork system allows you to lock the wheels by pressing the button with a foot.
  • Anti-wobble & Direction memory. An anti-wobble system prevents wheel vibration during the stroller’s motion and provides a straight and smooth ride.
  • Air-free wheel system. Wear-resistant and elastic wheels. These wheels consist of solid polyurethane.
  • Comfy stop. The Comfy stop brake system is activated and deactivated simply b? pressing ? pedal. Thanks to reliable breaks, your stroller will not move out of the position.
  • One-hand operation system. The buttons memory system creates convenience in case you want to correct the position of the hood on the carrycot or the seat unit with one hand.
  • Carrying carrycot - it is easy to carry the carrycot. Simply push the buttons and pull it up.
  • Carrycot ventilation. This system includes the hood ventilation. Anex carrycots are aerated with an ideal environment for babies.
  • Mattress - Made of elastic Air Mesh fabric that is used in sports clothing. The foam inside contains air holes for better ventilation. All materials are child-friendly.
  • Position for newborn babies. The seat unit gives the option of a recommended lying position for newborns.
  • Face2Face. The optimal height for placing the cradle and the seat unit. The child is always in the parents’ field of vision.
  • Folding frame. The compact fold design of the frame with the seat unit makes strolls more convenient and active.
  • 360-degree turning front wheels. Turning wheels give the ride more maneuverability and comfort allowing for overcoming of obstacles on the road.
  • Height adjustable eco-leather handle. The height adjustable handle is an excellent solution for both tall and short parents to feel more convenience while strolling.
  • Backrest & footrest adjustment. Stroller footrest and backrest adjustment allows choosing an individual height positioning, including the lying position.
  • Two cup holders on R and L side. There are two places for cupholders on the frame. One on the right side and one on the left.
  • Easy care. It is easy to take off the sewing for washing to keep your stroller working properly and looking good.
  • Water-repellent fabric. Stroller made of fabric with a water-repellent impregnation called waterproof. Drops of water slide down without penetrating into the fabric.
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Dimensions and weight of the stroller

  • Dimensions stroller unfolded (with carrycot): 81.5?60?42
  • Frame dimensions when folded (with seat unit): 81.5?60?42.5
  • Carrycot weight: 4.55
  • Seat weight: 4
  • Frame weight (without wheels): 5.35 kg

Child's age and weight

  • Minimum age of the child: 0+
  • Maximum child weight in the Carrycot: 9
  • Maximum child weight in the seat unit: 22kg

Chassis stroller

  • Size in folded form: 78X60X31
  • Diameter of front and rear wheels: front - 23.6 cm rear - 29 cm
  • Wheelbase width: 53.8
  • Wheels: PU
  • Frame material: aluminum
  • Handle: height adjustable eco-leather handle
  • Depreciation: 3X Dumper suspension (frame, front wheels, rear wheels)
  • Shopping basket: maximum load 5 kg


  • Inner dimensions: 79?35?15
  • Hood: angle adjustable
  • Mattress: Made of elastic Air Mesh fabric that is used in sports clothing. The foam inside contains air holes for better ventilation. All materials are child-friendly.
  • Material: eco-leather + jacquard
  • Headrest: none
  • Ventilation: adjustable, at the carrycot bottom and in the hood


  • Back: 33
  • Seat width: 34
  • Seat length: 95
  • Footboard: angle adjustable
  • Hood: angle adjustable
  • Bumper: removable
  • Seat material: jacquard
  • Inner straps: 5-point safety belts