The signature Izmi Baby Carrier is not like other carriers. It’s designed to look different, feel different, perform in a different way. Izmi is different. The Izmi Carrier is a hybrid between a wrap and a multi-position buckle carrier, but that doesn’t really do justice to the Izmi Carrier design.  They didn’t just mix up a wrap and a carrier.

When developing Izmi, they took all the awesome benefits, comfort and infinite adjustability of traditional Woven Wraps (used by millions of parents all over the world and throughout history) and slowly distilled them into the smallest, easiest to use carrier product that we could create.  Over 8 years, developers have made and tried out literally hundreds of sling and carrier test samples, and we think the results show in the finished products. 

So when you try an Izmi, don’t expect it to compare to other carriers. It doesn’t.  An Izmi is a product with a different personality, that comes from a different place.  Izmi is inspired by an open-minded passion to share something awesome with as many people as possible, and that’s what we want you to feel when you use one.

We love Izmi and we know that you and your little one will too.

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