September Yoto Daily Schedule

Turn your listening ears on for Back to School, plus fun days like Roald Dahl DayInternational Vulture Day (we're talking fun facts and a quiz about vultures), and arrrgh, let's not forget Talk Like a Pirate Day! Oh, and as with every month, join Jake for Friyay Jokes on Fridays. 
Keep an ear out for these upcoming episodes on Yoto Daily:
1st September - Back to School
2nd September - Friyay Jokes
3rd September - International Vulture Day
4th September - Simon Says
5th September - Word of the Day
6th September - National Read a Book Day
7th September - Five Fantastic Facts
8th September - Cheese or Chocolate (Game)
9th September - Friyay Jokes
10th September - Jake News
12th September - Word of the Day
13th September - Roald Dahl Day
14th September - Five Fantastic Facts
15th September - Magic 10 (Game)
16th September - Friyay Jokes
19th September - Talk Like a Pirate Day
21st September - Five Fantastic Facts
22nd September - World Car Free Day
23rd September - Friyay Jokes
24th September - National Punctuation Day
26th September - European Day of Languages
28th September - Five Fantastic Facts
30th September - Friyay Jokes
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