Halloween Crafts

Masking Tape Mummy 

Tear off strips of masking tape and lay them in a random criss-cross pattern all over the body of the mummy

What You Need To Make A Paper Mummy

  • black paper

  • white pencil/ crayon

  • masking tape

  • scissors

  • googly eyes

  • glue stick (if your googly eyes have adhesive on the back, you won’t need this)

  • free mummy template + printable accessories (download below)

  • crayons / colored pencils / markers

  • craft sticks, optional


Halloween Lanterns

If you are looking for some easy Halloween crafts for young kids, then this is a great choice. This is a quick and fun craft idea for kids. You can make these luminaires even as Halloween keepsakes.


Pumpkin Plates

A budget-friendly craft idea! All you need for this one are a paper plate, orange markers, black markers, hole punch, and green pipe cleaners.