Christmas Crafts (+ a Little Poem)

Christmas Crafts (+ a Little Poem)

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire

Cleaning puke out of the tub

The 11 month old trying to climb into the dryer

The children’s bedroom wafting with Vix Vapour rub

A turkey and all the cheeses

Glitter and announcements from No. 10

The baby chewing on the little Lord Jesus

When will life be normal again?

Antibiotics and Calpol too

Raided advent calendars and choking danger

Sweet Moses, not another poo

Check the baby’s mouth, there’s an empty manger

Feeling overwhelmed but reminding ourselves this is just a phase

From us and our motley crew

Although it's been said many times, many ways

Merry Christmas to you


I’m writing this surrounded by wrapping paper and ribbons and scissors and cards that need to be written. It all sounds very cosy and if I were in a Christmas film I’d be wearing a cream oversized jumper with leggings and Christmas socks and the most perfect messy bun you’ve ever seen. But as it stands, I’m currently rocking a jumper that is a smorgasbord of my son’s meals throughout the day and a glistening snail trail of H’s snot. Fancy.

I am feeling very overwhelmed. Littlest J and H both have chest infections. Neither of them is very good at expelling the diseased contents of their lungs and as a result, their bodies go all out (tis the season) and empty their stomachs as well as their lungs. H managed to throw up in her bed and then again in her brother’s bed even with a bowl right next to her. Nothing strengthens a marriage quite like cleaning up puke in the dark.

Feeling festive yet?

I just felt like I needed to set the scene as to where we are at at the moment. It’s no Hallmark film. In between feverish chills and worryingly long naps (the children…not me), we have managed to create a Christmas craft or two. I had a completely different picture in my head of what I thought this Christmas was going to look like but as parenthood has taught me, you’ve got to be flexible. So here are three quick and easy Christmas crafts to do in between the turkey eating and Elf watching.

Christmas bauble suncatcher

My go-to craft. Those of you who have read my blog posts will know that I love a contact-paper collage. They’re my favourite way to do collage with little people and I love the finished product.

You’ll need:

  • Contact paper
  • Cut up tissue paper in an assortment of colours
  • Black card
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

Cut your contact paper into two equal size pieces and lay one piece aside for later. Carefully remove the paper from the sticky side of the contact paper and place it on a flat surface. Secure the sides with washi tape or sticky tape. Cut out a bauble frame and place it on the contact paper. Present your littles with the cut up tissue paper and let them loose. Once they’re happy with their creation, take the other piece of contact paper, remove the backing and carefully lay it on top of the collage piece. Cut any excess contact paper off, use a hole punch to make a hole at the top of the bauble, and hang your suncatcher in the window or on your Christmas tree.

Caught in a snow globe

While you have the contact paper out, you may as well make the most of it. For this craft, you will need:


  • Contact paper
  • A photo of your Little
  • Black or coloured card
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Snowflake confetti


Just like you did with the suncatcher, lay your contact paper carefully on the table. Cut out a circular frame from your card and then place it on the contact paper. You can either use any photo you have of your little or make an activity of it and get them to pose in a variety of wintery outfits – whatever lights your Christmas pudding. Carefully cut out your child and place the cutout on the contact paper within the frame.

Let your Little decorate with the snowflake confetti (and whatever else they want to add) and then carefully place the other piece of contact paper over the top and cut off any excess paper. Create a snow globe stand using the card and display!

We didn’t have any snow confetti so we used stars instead. I had to deal with Littlest J terrorising the Nativity Scene and yeeting the Angel over his shoulder for the 500th time in an hour and H made the most of this time adding whatever she could find to our globe. Not entirely what I envisioned, but the girl had fun.


Pipe cleaner snowflakes

H loves a threading activity and I like it when the activity has some kind of specific outcome so this worked well for us both. For this craft, you will need:

  • Pipe cleaners (duh)
  • Beads
  • Scissors

You can use any colour pipe cleaners and beads you like but I tried to stick with icy blues and silvers. Cut a long pipe cleaner into 3 equal size pieces and wrap two of the pieces around the other one so that you end up with a six-sided star shape. Thread beads onto the arms (?) of your snowflake and when you’re satisfied, cut a pipe cleaner into 3cm (roughly) segments and wrap these around the tops of each arm to complete your snowflake shape. Use your snowflake as a tree decoration or card topper or as part of your present wrapping.


When I find the energy and the antibiotics have kicked in, we will be attempting stained-glass window biscuits (worth a Google) and the construction and decorating of a gingerbread house – what could go wrong? Until then, I will spend the days leading up to Christmas saving Baby Jesus and his stable guests from the giant mitts of Littlest J and celebrating my return to dairy by eating every kind of cheese. As always, I’d love to see your creations so drop me a message on Instagram. I wish you a very merry (and peaceful) Christmas and happy new year.

Stace x

David Neale